Have you not been feeling like yourself or experiencing….

  • a sense of stuckness
  • out of sorts and like life is too much
  • anxiety and stress
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Chronic pain
  • fatigue and lack of energy 
  • Relationship troubles 
  • Digestive issues
  • Autoimmune conditions & Chronic Fatigue

Each of these may have a root cause nervous system health

Jane has over 2 decades of practice in healthcare. Her experience in nursing, combined with her expertise and training give her a unique perspective and expertise in the areas of chronic illness, developmental trauma and anxiety disorders.   She has a deep commitment to helping each of her clients find a path to healing.  She infuses her sessions with deep compassion and sensitivity.

In recent years, it has become clearer that an individual must include the body as an essential part of the healing process.”- Bessel VanderKolk, author or The Body Keeps the Score 


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