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 Jane Courtney RN, SEP


Hello and Welcome!  

Whatever the symptoms you are dealing with, I hope sharing my journey will be of some hope to you.  Quite simply, I wish to share a little of my story. 

My training as a Registered Nurse began as an RN in the 1980’s.  One of my first jobs was counselling at a Women’s Clinic.  Home Care nursing,  supporting people and their families recover from post-traumatic injuries followed.  I then transitioned into 9 years of inpatient psychiatric care supporting people with chronic mental illness, addiction, eating disorders and head injuries.

As an RN and healthcare provider, a workplace assault was one of a number of  “tipping points” for my system.  I left healthcare for many years after the assault.  The accumulation of multiple car accidents, traumatic injury, working and living in highly stressful environments sent me into a downward spiral of symptoms.  Over a number of years, I developed chronic pain, overwhelming anxiety, depression and symptoms of PTSS.

Traditional and alternative medicine were supportive in many ways but did not address the core issue.  The knowledge of how the body holds trauma was not available to my practitioners at that time.  The “talk therapy”, medication and alternative therapies and treatments that I engaged in did not address the underlying issue.  I continued on thinking I just needed to work harder.  I was working and parenting from a place of a functional freeze.  

My inner healing and  transformational journey started many years later.  After reading “Waking the Tiger” by Dr. Peter Levine and with the support and love of friends and counsellors.  The mysterious and unrelated symptoms I had made sense.  There were many “aha” moments from this new lens of the nervous system and trauma.  The book ignited my desire for my own healing and began my formal training in Somatic Experiencing  and Somatic Relational Therapy.

As my nervous system settled my symptoms disappeared, I underwent a huge paradigm shift. From “telling the story and treating symptoms ” to somatically based therapeutic methods that allow the body to unfold and release from within.  Both Somatic Experiencing® and TRE® support the system to find safety.  Both combine the latest in neuroscience with the inherent wisdom of the body.    

I am passionate about helping people on their journey of healing from the inside out.  My clinical work with clients is from a place of profound compassion and respect.  I am honoured to support your journey of recovery.

Trauma is a fact of life, it need not be a life sentence.  –Dr. Peter Levine


Faculty Member at Lumos Transforms
North Shore Womens Centre
Faculty Member Yoga Therapy International
When Love Hurts  – Understanding Partner Abuse


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